Hannah Smith

Hello, my name is Hannah Smith and I am the ARC Manager.
Although I am one of the youngest members of the team, I believe that hard work, diligence, attention to detail and good service will allow anyone to succeed.
I started work at Qvis Monitoring as an operator after spending a few years performing physical security.
I found the work to be so very different to what I had imagined, and a challenge to understand the technology and this new industry I found myself in. However, after a couple of months, and much learning, I realised that I loved this job and understood most of the technology.
From humble beginnings, I progressed to ARC liaison officer, handing all the administrative functions, dealing with our large sales team and sorting out customer problems.
As the ARC grew and structures changed, I was promoted to Senior ARC Supervisor, then later to ARC Manager.
I am very proud of my achievements and continue to work hard to provide the very best service I can for all of our customers.
As a team we have grown, as an ARC we have grown. Why don’t you monitor with Qvis and grow with us