The Qvis Guardian safeguards the individual and any employer by offering a way of tracking where the person is at any time, if they have a fall or if they feel they are under threat so assistance can be sent.

The Qtrak Life band offers a discreet reliable solution that is simple to use for the individual wearing it but offers comprehensive information to whoever is keeping an eye on them, whether they are an employer, a carer or a loved one.

As the unit can also be called by one of the guardians it allows for urgent communication to be made only by those who are supposed to be talking to the wearer and it will reject calls from anyone else so there really is no need for them to have a mobile phone if you don’t want them to.


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Contact us at

Contact us at

Accurate Positioning

Built-in real time location hardware tracking.

SOS Button

Emergency alert from the unit to get assistance.

G Shock Fall Sensor

Unlike mobile phones, the Lone Worker features a specific shock sensor with various levels.

Two Way Communication

The device has two way audio just like a mobile phone. However, only registered guardians can call the device.

Geo Fence

Define 5 geographic areas, each time the device enters/exits the area, an alert will be sent. The online portal and app will allow you to see what’s happening and where instantly.

Lone Worker

The Lone Worker is a small and lightweight communicator built for purpose, and ready to be monitored within minutes. The wrist trigger is ideal for discrete and convenient activation.

How does it work?

How does it work?

You will receive a text message and email alert with a Google Map coordinates link.

The Google map link when selected from the alert email shows the live SOS location of the device.

Visit the ‘Portals’ section of our website and select ‘Qvis Guardian’. You will then be directed to the Q-Trak portal where you can login to access your Qvis Guardian’s data.


The portal will show all the data below – alert and alarm history, corresponding map details, live location every 5 minutes and battery device levels.