Quick Smart Reliable Scaleable Security Response Technology

Easily Accept or Decline Callouts

Smart Security Response Technology

The AURA platform is making security response services more accessible and affordable. Give your customers and staff access to instant security response services through their easy-to-integrate solutions for both mobile and PC devices.

IOT Devices

Instant security response using a connected
smart device.


Users can request instant assistance by dropping a location pin.

Mobile App

Use AURA's dedicated app or integrate into an existing app.

Fast Security Responses

When you can’t be sure that the police will respond to your alarm activation you need access to private security response. Qvis have partnered with AURA, a nationwide security response network. AURA’s ringing algorithm is activated once a dispatch is created, and this connects to more than 100 private security businesses and 1000+ security response vehicles.

The algorithm identifies the nearest vetted security officer to the location of the alarm, and gives them the relevant details, the most direct route, and a checklist of instructions once they have arrived at the site. The use of technology means significantly reduced response times, with the added benefit of GPS timestamped reporting and images.

AURA is integrated into Qvis software and processes so a dispatch can be created within 30 seconds and a security responder can be on their way to your customers location within the minute. 

Integration with Qvis Monitoring's 24/7 ARC

Qvis Monitoring is the UK’s most accredited alarm receiving centre, available 24 hours a day. Combined with AURA’s smart callout technology, you can rest assured that any security responses will be dealt with fast. 


Real-Time Location Data

AURA technology identifies the closest response unit to your location using GPS, and dispatch them automatically and immediately. Track the security response unit as it makes its way to your location in real-time via your device.

Why Choose Qvis Monitoring & Aura?

Real-Time Location

AURA can easily identify the closest response units, allowing for immediate dispatch.

Device Integration

Clients can access AURA services on their PC, tablet or mobile device through their range of products.

24/7 Assistance

Qvis Monitoring's ARC is in operation 24 hours a day, with quick responses guaranteed.

Trust & Reliability

With AURA's innovative technology and Qvis Monitoring's accredited ARC, you're in the safest hands.