All IP from PSTN, the
Big Switch Off 2025

Are you ready?

The UK & Ireland’s Telephone Network Upgrade is well underway and hundreds of thousands of alarm systems are still utilising legacy digital communicators that rely on PSTN.

As we move towards all-IP, the traditional analogue phone lines will be migrated to a new digital service between now and 2025. As digi-communicators rely on traditional phone lines, homes and businesses could be left without protection if action isn’t taken to future proof their alarm signalling before they move across to the new digital network.

The below links will explain everything you need to know:

Qvis are very keen to assist anyone with the transition from PSTN to IP and work very closely with both CSL and Redcare who both have upgrade solutions available.

If you would like further information and pricing for the range of alarm communicators available to futureproof these PSTN based alarm systems, then please contact our sales team.